Panchakarma treatment in pcmc

Panchakarma is one of the pillars of Ayurveda ancient treatments. Now a day very few treatments in Ayurveda just needs medicinal treatment or else we see majority of patients have been suggested Panchakarma treatment. Why this thing is happening? Answer is very simple as we have changed a lifestyle and food has been changed to hybridization systems are prone to modern lifestyle disease and without this treatment We don’t get results.

Panchakarma focuses on removing toxins from our body and approaching best results to a body. Panchkarma is a five step approach to detoxify our whole body and mind it focuses majorly in balancing adosa’s and restore the immunity leading to healthy life style.

There are five main types of Panchakarma-

1) Vamana:-

this procedure is suggested for kafa dosa diseases. It includes 5 – 7days of Sneha pana with snehana which accumulates toxins in upper part of body and on 7th or 9th day whole body is detoxifying by vamana procedure means emesis.


This is the procedure in which pre procedures are same like vamanam but toxins are removed by purgation. This procedure is done for pita Pradhan diseases.


Procedure done for Vat dosh Pradhan diseases. In this procedure snehana Sweden and medicated enema is given. This procedure can be done anytime in a year.


Nasha procedure is mainly for balancing hormones as nose is the gate to our brains it is the process in which medicine is instilled in the nostrils. It is known to take care of diseases which are created above shoulders.

5)Rakt mokshan-

clarifies impurities in blood so this process is used mostly in skin disorders or ulcers her paste tumors. This is done by two methods leach therapy and siravedh means Venous puncture.

Panchakarma can be done by normal people also it is not necessary to do Panchakarma when you are diseased. When you are suffering from tiredness laziness you have unexplain body pain, unclear mind, obesity stress more prone towards diseases.


Panchkarma please a vital role in keeping our body healthy it a benefits in different ways such as-

Detoxification of body and mind is done, the process focuses on purification of body it eliminates the toxins and increases the digestive fire means Agni in our body does feeling once body with good health and healthy thoughts.

1) Maintains balance in bodies prakruti. According to Ayurveda our body balances on tridoshas vata pita and khafa. Due to prakruti imbalance diseases are formed in body.

2)Improves sleep patterns and induces healthy eating habits. During performing Panchakarma the first thing is to be changed is our daily routine and diet and through this procedure we implement good daily routine in an excellent way.

3)It’s stress reliever when any kind of disease is produced in body a body becomes stressed so when the disease is eliminated from body body becomes stress free promoting to a healthy way.

4)Helps in weight loss during Panchakarma therapy our toxins are eliminated out and so the additional weight of a body also decreases. So removal of arma means toxins implies a healthy weight loss.

5)Slow downs aging process.

6)Enhances digestive juices increasing digestive strength.

7)Restores vitality of body.

8)Strengthening immune system of body.

9)Promotes healthy well being.

Besides this there are seasonal panchakarmas which can be performed by normal beings also.

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About Dr. Nyanisha Desai:-

Dr. Nyanisha Desai is the director of the Pradnya Ayurvedic Multi-Specialty Hospital. In 2009, she completed her BAMS at Ayurvedic Medical College, Peth Vadgaon, Kolhapur. She has been practicing at Aayushree Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Center in Chinchwad, Pune since 2011. Then she founded Pradnya Ayurveda Multispecialty HospitalIndrayani Nagar Bhosari, in 2018 with an aim to treat patients in a pure and natural way of holistic medicine. She has specialized experience in infertility and anorectal therapy.