According to Ayurveda if we discuss constipation it can be a very long story. There can be many reasons and if we solve the basic reason constipation can be solved from the root and cannot be just limited till the bowels get washed.

Symptoms of constipation- having hard stools, feeling of incomplete evacuation, feeling of heaviness in abdomen, need to strain more during bowel moments, these are some of the symptoms faced during constipation.

Causes of constipation according to Ayurveda can be:-

  • poor digestion
  • hyper acidity
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • formation of more flatulence
  • kidney stone
  • frequent UTI
  • urinary bladder diseases
  • hormonal imbalance and uterine diseases.

While taking history in Ayurveda that’s why these all things are important to cover up in the history.

Are daily habits can also cause constipation such as:-

  • intake of excess liquids or less liquids on daily basis.
  • excessive intake of pungent and salty foods.
  • night awakening.
  • lot of travelling
  • exertional walks
  • lack of sufficient fibre in the diet.
  • excessive use of antacids.
  • sitting or standing on same place for longer duration.

There are some medicines also which can cause constipation such as iron supplements, some of the anti depressant drugs, anti convulsants like phenytoin,

Carbamazepine. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines also can cause constipation surgeons medicines containing Guggul and Sallaki.

How does constipation take place?

In our body all the factors are taken from one place to another place by vata dosha, and below the umbilical region moreover Apana Vata takes the hold to control the things. Means all the transportation in the body below the umbilical region is controlled by this vata dosa. During treating constipation through Ayurveda we have to concentrate on this particular dosha.

Treatment and prevention – according to Ayurveda constipation patient needs a perfect diagnosis and a perfect line of treatment. This needs a long term treatment through which the basic cause must get rid which may dissolve the constipation permanently.

The line of treatment may include medicinal treatment which includes Aama pachan chikitsa, virechana, snehan chikitsa, rasayan chikitsa. Panchakarma like Virechana, Basti treatment can also be suggested during this treatment.

Prevention of constipation can be attend through changing your daily routine

  • consider eating fruits directly rather than extracting  fruit juices.
  • drink that much amount of fluids as much are required by the body don’t overload or deprive your body for fluids.
  • have food only when hunger is there and try to have whole some lunch like chapati sabji rice dal chutneys buttermilk salads this will provide better nutrients like fibres proteins and even liquids to for easy digestion purpose.
  • consume more of beans green leafy vegetables guava figs dates flaxseeds mushrooms legumes whole wheat berries which provide fibre in the diet.
  • reduce the portions of excess coffee or tea if taking on daily basis.
  • exercises are must for our abdomen to work correctly. Minimum 15 to 20 minutes of walk and some of yoga exercises for 10 to 15 minutes are considered good.
  • yogasanas such as pawanmuktasana, uttanpadasana, Yog mudra and yogasana’s which would put pressure on your abdomen are considered to be useful.
  • do not hold our natural urges such as urination or stools which would create complications in treating constipation.

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