Types Of Panchakarma

Virechan Treatment in Pune

Virechan treatment in Pune

The Virachana therapy is medicated purification therapy, cleansing the body from excess pitta accumulation, purifying blood and clearing toxins. The therapy primarily concentrates on the toxins accumulated in the liver and gall bladder, thus cleansing the gastro-intestinal tract completely.

Elimination of doshas or toxins through rectum is called as Virechana. This procedure is done for Pitta dominant diseases. This procedure includes snehapana, swedana, raktamokshana Virechana and Sansarjankrama.

This method is usually applied three times after Vamana therapy, but its duration may differ from case to case. Virechan can be applied directly back Purva karma, without knowing the Vamana therapy that introduces Virechan.

Through the method, the patient is reduced to Oleation first, then Fomentation, which is followed by Emesis and Samsarjana Karma (postoperative). The inside Oleation happens for three to seven days. Following this, a medicated steam washing is done for three days. A light and warm diet is ordered for the patient, a day before beginning Virechan karma. But, several factors like body and mind health, age of the person, the mental health should be acknowledged, while opting for Virechan karma.