Types Of Panchakarma

Valluka Pottali Sweda

Valluka Pottali Sweda

Valuka means sand. The medicated sand is used to give sudation. The sand is heated and wrapped in a piece of cloth. It is placed on affected part or moved into circular movements on the body. It is useful in rheumatism, knee joint pains and other painful disorders.

It’s a type of sudation therapy in which heated sand pottali is used. With this therapy other procedures can also be added.

A powerful holistic method in Ayurveda is Valuka Swedana or Sweda. It is usually carried out after Abhyanga and Snehana treatments. Valuka turns to sand while Sweda translates to sweat-inducing. During this therapy, burnt sand is used to make painful body parts grow.

That method is called fomentation. Valuka Sweda is various effective for conditions characterized by swelling, heaviness, and stiffness. It can be performed on a particular part of the body. Since sand is the core ingredient of this therapy, it needs to be chosen with attention. Generally, sand is cleaned by removing sand, shells, pebbles, and spines. After receiving, it is cleaned and wiped. It is critical to ensure that the sand is dry.