Types Of Panchakarma


Uttarbasti treatment

Pradnya Ayurveda provides best Uttar basti Treatment in Pune for infertility.

Uttar basti is considered a sure shot treatment in infertility.

This treatment brings many hopes to the couples seeking treatment for infertility from many years or planning IVF
Common signs of stress conditions:
  • Before Uttar basti mostly pateints is advised to take one type of panchakarma procedure for detoxificatio of body.
  • Uttar basti is planned mostly after menstrual flow has been stopped means 3rd or 4th day fo females periodical cycle.
  • Pre procedure are done snehan, swedan basti.
  • With all asecptic precautions pateints are taken to Uttar basti room.
  • Lithotomy position is given.
  • With proper sterlization technique medicine is in titled in uterus of pateints.
  • This same procedure is done for three consecutive days.
  • No long travelling
  • No wieght bearing or heavy work.
  • Avoid physical relations for three days.
  • Intake of fresh food.
  • Removal of tubal block.
  • PCOS / PCOD.
  • Structural abnormalities related to uterus and ovaries.
  • Unexplained infertility.
  • Anovulatory cycles.
  • Hormobal imbalanced.
  • After delivery for good uterine health.