Six-ways to Keep Your Vagina healthy

Everyone knows, Good vaginal health is essential for good sex life and good reproductive health for women.
The vagina and the vulva are both different organs. All the structures that are visible from the outside are called Vulva. The part of the vagina that connects the uterus and the vulva is called the vagina.
The vagina is the most elastic and glandular organ so the area is often wet.
With age, the inner glands shrink and the space becomes dry. The glands in this space produce a specific bacterium that maintains the pH balance of that space. If any type of STD (sexually transmitted disease) occurs, these glands change and cause different types of secretions.

Many things are not clear with women. Following things, every woman should take care of her Vagina.

1. The most important and first thing I want to say is that you should not use bikini wax or special creams or blades for hair removal in this place. The glands in this place affect it. It is beneficial to use a trimmer. Pubic Hair is needed because it helps to keep away unwanted infections. it also removes excess secretions.


2. Another important thing, nowadays there are plenty of liquids available in the market to keep the vaginal parts clean but they should not be used . Everyone has a specific odor in the vaginal area and it is needed, the secretions there are also needed. If all these secretions and odors are eliminated, the infection can’t settle down quickly and the vagina remains capable of STDs. The use of soap should be avoided even while bathing, the place should be kept clean with water only. If you want a lot of hygiene, mix baking soda in water and use it and avoid using any soap, cream, or wash.
Vaginal douche should also be avoided as the pressure used in the douche destroys the internal glands and can lead to vaginitis.


3. Practice safer sex at all times during sexual intercourse, that is, use a condom. Lubricants used in condoms such as glycerine and natural oils are considered to be the best lubricants during sexual intercourse and are considered to be the best lubricants for orgasm. This lubricant takes sex to the next level. If you want to change your sexual life, try it.
Avoid these ingredients in lubricants – parabens, scents, flavors, non-natural oils, dyes.


4. Orgasm is a very important issue that many women are not even aware of.   Sex toys are sometimes used to get an orgasm and it is very suitable but it is also important what material it is made of. The material should be of wood, silicon, steel, glass, ceramic, stone, or plastic ABS. Sixty percent of all inner happiness comes from orgasm but remaining is completed through coitus.


5. Urination after sexual intercourse is considered best to avoid infections. Any unwanted material or bacteria is expelled by this action.


6. The use of panties in women should be done very carefully they must not be too tight or too loose. The fitting should be such that it does not bother her throughout the day. Use of that fabric which you are comfortable in. Sleep in ur birth suit (no panties) at night.
In addition to the specific odor of the secretions in your vaginal area, if there is a bad odor, it should be treated otherwise it is very appropriate.