Types Of Panchakarma



Siravedha is predominantly indicated in Pitta, Rakta and Kaphaja Vyadhies or when Pitta or Kapha is in Anubandha to Vata Dosha. … Hence hypothetically it can be said that the Siravedha is useful in patients when there is Avarana Janya Samprapti of Gridhrasi in Vata Kaphaja Gridhrasi.


Now a days Jalaukavacharana or leech therapy has gained greater attention worldwide, because of its medicinal values. Leeches are blood sucking invertebrate blogs to family Annelida. In Sanskrit, it is known as Jalauka because of their water-loving nature also they dwelling and taking their nutrition only from Jala (Water). A leech contains various bioactive substances, which have potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anaesthetic properties etc. In 1884, Haycraft discovered hirudin which is the main anti-coagulative substance in leech’s saliva. Now scientists have discovered about 100 bioactive constituent in leech saliva, still this number increasing day by day

  • Vaivarnya (discoloration)
  • Raji (lichenification)
  • Raktima (redness)
  • Rukshata (dryness)
This is unique treatment which we have facilitated at “Pranav”,described in oldest medical surgical science- “Sushruta Samhita”In ayurveda leech refers to “Jalauka” (Hirudo medicinalis).Accomplishing the raktamokshana (allowing the blood to bleed for therapeutic purposes) by allowing the leech to suck the blood from the site of lesion.It is highly recommended in all Skin diseases, Joint pain (Specially gout), Poisonous bite, Diseases of throat, Alopecia (Baldness).