Let’s Talk about Male Infertility & How it Treated by Ayurveda?

Let’s Talk about Male Infertility & How it Treated by Ayurveda?

We always talk about infertility issues in females, very few are speak about infertility issues in males.
Why? Is the female structure only responsible for fertility or pregnancy?

India becoming one of the  leading and growing countries,
still, in some topics, India remains lagging behind and one of them is male Infertility.

Still, in many areas of India, these topics are not clearly spoken because they mainly focus on the word Mard or पुरूषार्थ

In this article, I am focusing on Male Infertility Issues.

Here are those:

1.Semen : 

 The male seminal fluid is responsible to fertilize the female ovum and responsible for a natural pregnancy.

 Every male, human, or an animal after puberty age produces semen it consists of sperms and some nutrients.
This type of infertility cases can be seen in India but remain undiagnosed due to many of them do not explain clearly in front of the doctor. There are still many hidden issues which men can’t speak in front of a doctor.

I personally think It’s our body, If we discuss with doctors about  Anemia, cholesterol issues or some levels higher or lower in blood kind of issues, then we must speak up about Semen. It’s just a count of low grade or high level. 
There is no point to feel an inferiority complex for males. 


This is due to enlarged veins which are supplying to testicles causing degradation of the quality of semen.


issues such as premature ejaculation for erectile dysfunction or some other reason.
1. STD’s infections such as chlamydia ,gonorrhea, mumps or HIV
2. Antibodies that attack ok or own generated sperms.
3. Tumors
4.  Undescended testicles this is structural abnormality from birth.
5.  Hormonal imbalances such as gynecomastia or
6.  Defects of tubules that transport sperm.
These are the main causes that can form infertility in a male and overall a doctor has to look into all these causes and then land  on the final diagnosis causing azoospermia oligospermia
Asthenospermia teratozoospermia etc………..

There are many causes that are responsible for male infertility such as 
  1.exposure to heat such as in chemical factories or work near furnaces are body temperature is a little bit higher than the external temperature and reproduction of sperms need a little bit of cooler temperature than the body that’s why tests are descended out of the body for the normal production.
 2. Intake of some drugs can cause infertility such as exposure to steroids for many days or antibiotics can cause imbalances in male hormones.
 3. Toxicants such as exposure to some chemicals.
4. Stress cause for male infertility are of workload and no time for making love. Nowadays, couples are busy behind their careers, so they skip their golden period of reproductive age unknowingly spoiling their reproductive health.
5. Excess exercise also so sometimes cause infertility
6. Chronic  Diseases such as cancer diabetes can end up in infertility.
7. Dietary deficiencies
8. Obesity
9. Surgery on the male genital tract can sometimes cause infertility. 

These all causes and reasons are scientifically proven but we can see many issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation are on hype due to stress nowadays.
 Stress is become a primary reason for many problems and can complicate with time if not taken proper treatment.
 Modern lifestyle, no exercises, no time for self pleasures, stress are common reasons for these kinds of issues. 
If treatment is not taken on time these issues increase and complicate into some other diseases, it also decreases the person’s self-confidence too. 
Many of the issues can be solved very easily if you are very prompt. 
There is many databases on the internet too for increasing the knowledge but always must consult a physician for perfect diagnosis and treatment.
In Ayurveda “Vajikarana Chikitsa” works especially on our sex hormones gradually increasing a libido. 
It also States different types of medicinal treatment and Panchakarma for good quality and quantity production of semen. 
During years of trials, we have got amazing results in almost all issues that are responsible for male infertility.
Panchakarma therapies like Mustadi Rajyapana Basti, Vrushya Basti , Sneha pan, Virechana, Shirodhara, Uttar Basti are some of the therapies which give exceptional results in male issues. 
Of course, Shodhana Chikitsa and continuation with Rasayana and Vajikarana Chikitsa are the authentic therapies are known as Aphrodisiacs.
Diet for increasing semen- fresh figs ( if not available dried will also do ), urad dal, milk, dark chocolate, walnut, salmon, garlic, bananas