Ksharsurta Treatment

Kshar Sutra
Are you facing trouble with Piles, Fissure, or Fistula? Now get free from constant pain with the best treatment for fistula / pilonidal sinus. Medicated alkaline thread is used in this therapy to cure the disease. It is a simple and safe procedure that requires minimal surgical invasion but does not require hospitalization. Compared to other treatments, it also reduces the risk of recurrence. Are you wondering what that is? Get the best and permanent treatment for piles and fistula Ayurvedic therapy is an old practice. Many people aren’t happy with the allopathy treatment because the side effects and reactions are readily noticeable now. On the other hand, the benefits of Ayurveda are very important. There are no side effects and cases of disease recurrence after ayurvedic treatment are less, so many people are choosing ayurveda. It is a branch of traditional medical science that is safe, secure, reliable and cost effective.
Get the best treatment for fistula / pilonidal sinus with Ayurveda Kshar Sutra or Thread Therapy. Ksharasutra is now a popular and permanent treatment for piles/ fistula/ pilonidal sinus. Thanks to its healing and purifying effect with anti-microbial action and absolute zero recurrence rate, the technique of kshar sutra in Pune has an advantage over other traditional surgeries. It allows proper pus drainage from the fistula, which results in proper healing. Ksharasutra Treatment is the permanent treatment for piles/ fistula/ pilonidal sinus, a minimal invasive treatment protocol and a time-tested Ayurvedic technique. kshar sutra in Pune is a convenient, safe, and cost-effective treatment option for fistula-in-ano, hemorrhoids and other diseases of the sinus.
In preparing the thread, linen thread gauge 20 is manually coated eleven times with the Euphorbia neriifolia latex, followed by seven latex coatings and the Achyranthus aspera alkaline powder, respectively, and dried. Three latex and Curcuma longa powder coatings must be alternatively given in the final process. The thread thus prepared is sterilized by ultra-violet radiation and placed in a glass tube or polythene bag.
The patient is anaesthetized with local or spinal or general anesthesia, then the malleable probe passes through the outer opening of the fistula to the inner opening of the anal canal, and the probe is gently removed through the outer anal opening along with the Ksharasutra in the groove of the probe. Later the Ksharasutra is tied together at both ends. After an interval of 1 week the Ksharasutra is replaced by a new one. Gradually, the Ksharasutra cuts and heals the tract. After cutting, the entire fistulous tract heals. This treatment depends upon the patient condition. If the track is infected seriously, it will take time for healing.
  • Reduced risk of complications like anal incontinence which is usually observed in conventional surgeries.
  • Reduced risk of complications such as anal incontinence usually seen in conventional surgery.
  • Reduced risk of anal stenosis (post-treatment reduction of the anal canal).
  • Return to normal daily life 3-4 days after the operation.
  • Doctors and paramedics have a lot of expertise and are familiar with the treatment.
  • Well-equipped and hygienic treatment room with all the necessary facilities.
  • Post-treatment follow-up without indoor admission until recovery.
While all modern surgical & medicinal techniques are only to remove the existing Pilonidal Sinus infection, Our Ksharsutra treatment goes far beyond both concept and implementation levels. Not only does this herbal remedy kill the infection, but it allows the human body to develop more new healthy tissue. The consistency of this tissue is so good; it won’t get easily contaminated. In this natural way, you can avoid surgery. The recovery time is short, and the success rate is high.