Ayurvedic Infertility treatment in PCMC

Infertility is sue which is feast by 60% of couples in this generation, the main reason behind this is late marriages. According to medical science reproductive age is between 20 years -35 years. Nowadays this time period is focus for career development in our lives. Our reproductive cells quality and quantity our best during this period but not everybody can have a comfort to be fertile during this time period in this generation. There are many causes which can affect a fertility in our lives such as food hybridization, fast food consumption, lack of exercise, environment where we are working, stress, lack of quality times spend with the partner. I think these are the main factors causing infertility but there are some of other scientific reasons which cause infertility. Nowadays we see many couples they start their treatment with IVF or IUI, this matter is really become disaster why fertility has been dropping in this generation? Are we really busy in making careers rather focusing on our health. Time is not far away where we will have to give some holidays in spare to the couples for spending quality time together as now this thing happens in foreign countries.

Causes of Male Infertility-

  • Infertility may be caused due to abnormal sperm production, genetical defect, undescended testicles, sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea.
  • Abnormal sperm production means Oligospermia, Azoospermia and so on there are many other times of abnormals forms. This can be cause due to exposure of testicles to high temperature, chemical exposure or any infection. Of course this can be treated with a proper Ayurvedic treatment.
  • Undefended testis can’t be treated as this is a structural abnormality but still these people can have their own babies with the proper treatment.
  • Any type of infectious disease sexually transmitted disease can be cured with proper Ayurvedic treatment and Panchakarma.
  • Male infertility needs very less time in Ayurveda to be treated and we have best results with Panchakarma Uttar basti and medicinal treatment.

Female cuses of infertility-

according to the shastras of Ayurveda a female reproductive system deals with a mixture of hormones which keep on changing in a cyclic way monthly and which is controlled through some glands in brain and thyroid, it’s a complex chain of hormones. From childhood till 25 years of age a girl has to deal with many changes and her body and during her puberty age if her diet and routine is not correct she has to face some abnormalities in her reproductive cycle and with her health also.
We can seemany causes nowadays like PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, abnormalities in uterus, Vaginismus etc…
Any type of abnormality in female reproductive system other than genetical can be well dealt with Ayurvedic medicinal treatment and Panchakarma. With this we have to concentrate on dinacharya also as the cycle of reproduction in a female bodies takes place monthly there are some cyclical changes which are to be happen daily in a female body is those are corrected many issues are solved just we have to make some changes in daily routine.
Many female deal with your hormonal imbalances and the keep on trying artificial hormones with facing complications Vidya bodies like obesity hair fall or low bone density, all these complications are been avoided during taking Ayurvedic infertility treatment.

If you need ayurvediic infertility treatment  in pcmc, you must consult Dr. Nyanisha Desai at Pradnya Ayurvedic Multi-Specialty Hospital.

About Dr. Nyanisha Desai – Ayurvedic Infertility Doctor in PCMC

Dr. Nyanisha Desai is the director of the Pradnya Ayurvedic Multi-Specialty Hospital. In 2009, she completed her BAMS at Ayurvedic Medical College, Peth Vadgaon, Kolhapur. She has been practicing at Aayushree Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Center in Chinchwad, Pune since 2011. Then she founded Pradnya Ayurveda Multispecialty Hospital, Indrayani Nagar Bhosari, in 2018 with an aim to treat patients in a pure and natural way of holistic medicine. She has specialized experience in infertility and anorectal therapy.