Importance of Ayurveda in COVID - 19 and Pandemic.

Ayurveda in COVID - 19

We all know, where the world is fighting with pandemic, situation is hitting very bad in India and mostly in Maharashtra.
The thing is that not to be neglected is Pune city is considered as city of best Ayurveda physicians or hub of Ayurveda. Since last year we all vaidyas are dealing the covid situation and have treated many cases through pure Ayurveda treatment along with allopathic treatment.

But the disappointed thing is people are not that aware n serious towards our traditional science, so we are trying to submit the results and proofs to the government.

In the first wave of corona, patient were having mild to moderate symptoms. But in 2021, in second wave, the strain has made havoc in the country and causing sudden deaths even after patient is tested negative for covid.

Here are some case studies.

1. one of my patient’s relatives had some pre symptoms of fever and throat infection but they neglected the symptoms and were on home remedies and paracetamol for almost 1 week, when symptoms were increased they needed to rush to hospital. HRCT score was 17 and many private hospitals refused to admit the patient SPO2 87.
Other parameters were also little bit raised and had history of hypertension from the age of 48yrs. When he was admitted, all the parameters became stable after 3 days but on 4 th day sudden drop in SPO2 and had massive heart attack and patient expired within few hrs. This happens cause of negligence.

2. Positive case study with Ayurveda

Almost all the pathies in science are struggling to give best treatment in this pandemic. Since, august 2019 I am giving ayurvedic medicines to my covid positive patients they have not landed up in any complications and are living a healthy lifestyle.

Where some patients are running behind to get an allocation of a single bed, people who have taken ayurvedic medicines have have recovered at home and earlier than who are depend only on allopathic medicines.

Its just that I didn’t make them realize these things because during this pandemic many of them go in severe shock that their whole family is been positive and how can they overcome with this issues.

If you really trust Ayurveda, you can just give it a try and see the results.

Just follow some rules-

1. contact an known ayurvedic physician who is treating covid cases if you are having few symptoms also.
2. Keep urself isolated.
3. Eat only when hungry and preferably lighter food, avoid nonveg diet.
4. Don’t neglect any symptoms and keep doctor informed about your health status
5. If fever is subsided, breathing exercises must be done everyday.
6. Ayurvedic medicines can control your situation when its in pre symptomatic condition.