How to avoid PCOS or PCOD

In the previous article on PCOS, it was technically written about what PCOS is.

One thing to keep in mind, don’t just read this article but assimilate it, so that I, as a reader, will be happy to write it as a doctor when it is useful to you and you

So PCOD is just a lifestyle disease and it is very important to change your diet and habits.

The inclusion of exercise in the vihara as well as sun salutation, pranayama is useful.

There is a method of doing sun salutation, the number of sun salutations we wear should increase every day so if we wear five sun salutations today, we should do at least five or more tomorrow. The order should increase and never decrease.
Pranayama should include Anulom Vilom, Bhasarika, Kapalbhati.
Exercises like Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Sarvangasana in the air that will put pressure on your abdomen in yogasanas have a very good and quick effect.
The diet should include more light foods. Foods that contain protein should be eaten in a certain amount.

Proteins are hard to digest, although they are the most useful, they are harmful even if they are in excess, and they are harmful even if they are in moderation.
Therefore, it should be determined by looking at your body and digestion.

Raw foods like salads and cereals are hard to digest and all fruits and vegetables like okra, squash, and pumpkin are easy to digest and are considered digestible in Ayurveda.

Once the heaviness persists after a meal, there should be a proper gap between the two meals, meaning that the second meal should not go into the stomach until the morning meal is digested.

One of the most important changes in PCOD is the increase in male hormones in the female body. Maybe it’s because of today’s changed lifestyle. This is because the number of PCOS cases has increased over the next twenty years.

Cases of PCOS are still rare among women who work hard.