Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy – Shakti is a metaphor given to a woman, that is to say, giving birth to a soul is an action that is given only to a woman from a male and a female, so Shakti is given the metaphor of a woman. Hemorrhoids are one of the many changes that take place in a mother’s body when she is nine months old. This condition is most common in women during pregnancy and can be very severe after delivery. The answer to this is very well given in Ayurveda.

In fact, during pregnancy, when the fetus is growing in a woman’s body, the fetus is growing in the very front side of your gut, i.e. in the uterus. During the first three months, it grows to the size of an orange and then continues to grow for nine months. As a result, it puts pressure on our gut, stomach, heart, and liver and we see the effect in a small form somewhere.

An organism grows in the body for up to nine months and after delivery, a hollow cavity is formed in the uterus so that the growth of air in the body increases.

When that pressure comes on the intestines, the movement of the intestines slows down to a certain extent and due to this, the excretion of feces takes place in the form of constipation and not in the form in which it needs to take place.

Hemorrhoids are a type of varicose veins. When are varicose veins formed? When bad blood does not drain properly, varicose veins begin to form. By taking oxygen from the lungs, the blood spreads from the heart to the rest of the body, and from there the bad blood returns to the heart through its veins.

This is bad blood. If it stays in one place for a long time, the nerves get swollen and we call them varicose veins. Due to the high pressure in the intestines during pregnancy, Vince’s drainage does not work properly around the waist, and as a result, hemorrhoids occur in many women.

– Bleeding while defecating.

– Pain or stiffness while urinating.

– Too much emphasis.

– Feeling of burning or stinging during ejaculation.

All of these things are faced by some women but Ayurveda is a great alternative to all of these and there are many benefits to be gained from drug treatment, not just the need to treat the body but also the side effects after delivery.

What to change in diet- * Dairy product means to eat fewer dairy products.

* Exercise needs to be done daily.

* Must walk at least four kilometers every day.

* Buttermilk should be included in the diet.

* Fenugreek Vegetables Green Peas Simla Chilies Potatoes Eggplants Vegetables should not be eaten in excess.

* Eating early at night is not digested too late.

* Gulkand Moravala should be included in the diet.

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