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Ayurvedic Piles Treatment in PCMC

Ayurveda give statement on the route cause this thing is known by everyone. But do you know what’s the root cause of piles? In Ayurveda piles disease is covered under digestive disorders means if a digestive problems persist for very long you can be prone to piles some other time in your life. So the main thing to be treated is your digestion.

If you want to get rid of piles even after surgery you need to follow these five things-

1. Eat only when hungry-

our body gives signals naturally such as hunger depends on good digestive juices when you are suffering from any stomach digestive problems you face hunger to be reduced naturally which is a counter action of our body to a particular problem, our body tries to solve the problem by itself first when it is incapable it starts showing proper diseases. When you eat when being hungry good digestive juices digest the food properly good metabolism takes place and absorption of nutrients also takes place with excretion of waste in a proper way.

2. Drinking water only when Thirsty –

as food gets metabolised water also goes through the process of digestion and some people think that water must be drunk for detoxification. Imagine our metabolism works on digestive fire which are actually digestive juices made up of acids in our stomach, if water is taken in awe full quantity the digestive juices dilute themselves and makes our digestion week. When you take your meals it’s necessary to take in proper quantity if stomach is divided into three equal parts one part is to be filled with solid food second part is to be filled with liquids and third part is to be kept empty for proper digestion. Many people drink early morning water in larger quantities thinking it is meant for cleansing their bodies but it’s totally wrong.

3. Exercise regularly-

when you exercise you keep up your metabolism and you can avoid digestive track diseases. The main cause of Piles is considered to be constipation and the main treatment on constipation is abdominal exercises rather than taking laxatives. If you exercise properly constipation doesn’t happen.

4. Fibre diet-

add fibres to your diet which gives strength to your intestine and avoids constipation. But many a times we see patients when they take fibres they are good for time being and again the problem evolves here their metabolism has to be corrected with proper Ayurvedic treatment. Salads are rich in fibres but keep in mind that’s a large must be taken in different time other than your meals. Timing of cooked food and raw food must be different.

5. Take proper sleep-

our metabolism works 24/7 non stop it has many tasks to complete during a digestion metabolism starts from your mouth and ends in your anus. Some other other type of digestion takes place in some other part of the track so mind when you don’t eat also some other other part of your body is trying to metabolise your food. When you take proper sleep your metabolism works on 50% lower rate means it has its capability to be reduce to half and that’s necessary for proper working next day if it gets loaded every time it won’t be working properly as like as any other machine. So it’s necessary to finish your food at least before 2 hours of getting of to sleep and good amount of sleep is also necessary.

About Dr. Nyanisha Desai:-

Dr. Nyanisha Desai is the director of the Pradnya Ayurvedic Multi-Specialty Hospital. In 2009, she completed her BAMS at Ayurvedic Medical College, Peth Vadgaon, Kolhapur. She has been practicing at Aayushree Ayurvedic Clinic and Panchakarma Center in Chinchwad, Pune since 2011. Then she founded Pradnya Ayurveda Multispecialty HospitalIndrayani Nagar Bhosari, in 2018 with an aim to treat patients in a pure and natural way of holistic medicine. She has specialized experience in infertility and anorectal therapy.