Fissures Home Remedies

I have had many patients come in for surgery for fissures and they wonder if they face recurrence problems even after the operation. One person got tired of the operation three times and finally decided to try Ayurvedic medicines. Fissures problem is that he has trouble clearing his stomach, pains in the area, sometimes bleeding, and feeling nauseous in the morning. Fissure is very different from piles. Sometimes the patient may feel that it is hemorrhoid. This problem occurs when there are sores in the anus. In my experience, this problem can be caused by only two reasons at most. Apart from these two troubles, there are still a lot of reasons, but most of the 99 percent are due to these two reasons. When a fissure occurs, the muscles that surround the anus contract to contract. Bleeding from these wounds occurs intermittently and patients are frightened by the bleeding and undergo surgery. There are several great home remedies available for beginners to fissures.
* First of all, change the diet. A light diet means sorghum bread, fruit, vegetables, green chutney, salad, and buttermilk.
* Those who have sedentary work should move around every one and a half to two hours in five minutes to ten minutes.
* Instead of sitting, take a soft cloth and sit down. The seat should not be tight.
* If you pay proper attention to your meals, the stomach will be cleaned automatically. Avoiding outside foods, avoiding pocket food, avoiding bakery food, and fast food, all these things will change your eating habits and will also help in cleansing the stomach.
* Stomach cleansing drugs will not do anything, so you will not get the vitamin you need from your diet and after a few days, you will start to get weak.
* Keep the amount of water as high or low as the body wants.
* Sweet talk in lukewarm water will relax the veins in the waist and improve bleeding.
* Check to see if all the foods are coming in the meal at the right time, such as a fruit every day, dried fruits, salads, to check if the amount of ghee oil in the meal is coming properly.
* The most important thing is to get a good night’s sleep. You need at least seven to eight hours of sleep.
* Taking allopathic medicine for a maximum number of days can also cause this problem, so change it according to the advice of the doctor.