Many parents are concerned about their children’s adolescence. With respective, thoughts, health, immunity, age, and state of mind.

Have you ever thought about What exactly your body stumble upon? Or what diseases will you have in the future? There is no limit to your future health but one can bring control. 

Have you ever wondered, how can the age of old generations sometimes cross 90 to 100 years as they never had any health issues like BP, sugar, or knee pain?

As per Ayurveda, our health mostly depends on the meal we eat. Life has become very fast these days and there is not much food left in the diet, there is hybrid digestion everywhere. But if you pay a little attention to your children at this stage, it can be beneficial for their future.

Just as some parents focus on fetal culture or stem cell banking for their children’s future, a little attention to their diet and habits can improve their future health.

Very early gastric problems, hair loss, menstrual complaints, obesity, and thyroid problems are on the rise in today’s children. Have you ever noticed what is changing and why all this is happening? What was the daily routine of your parents and grandparents? You can’t change everything, but you have to change as much as you can right now.

* First of all, getting up early in the morning and going to bed early at night should be changed in the routine. At this age, sleep between ten and two o’clock at night is important because of the growth hormones in the body change during this period.

* It is very important to exercise in this age group. If you stay in one place for a long time, your body fat will increase so you should focus on outdoor games or yoga.

* Children need to pay attention to how much screen time they are getting because the more screen time, the less their physical activity and the more stress they put on their eyes and brain. It is better to take puzzle-solving or other hobby classes.

* Nowadays, children show a lot of restlessness. According to research, the more movies that cartoons children watch, the more restlessness in the brain increases. Get in the habit of sitting quietly and meditating for at least five to ten minutes to increase their concentration.

* It is important to pay attention to a nutritious diet, but do not refuse junk food packet food throughout the day, but also biscuit cake noodles bread should be at least in their stomach. One of the most important causes of constipation is biscuits. If you don’t even eat stale chapatis at home, why biscuits from preservatives and manufacturing packets?

* Kids like to eat junk food or fast food but make it a habit to have a timetable once in a fortnight or how much in a week. These things will not improve unless parents follow through.

* Encourage maximum intake of fresh food Once cooked food should be consumed within four hours. Fermented foods should be given once a fortnight.

* Heavy foods such as paneer or non-veg should be included in the meal once a week.

* Children should recite Sandhya Pujan or Sanskrit verses every day. Research shows that many of these spaces in the brain are activated.

* At least one fruit a day should go into the stomach and it should be a seasonal fruit.

* Dry fruits also do important work. Keep a period of black currant figs soaked almonds walnuts.

* In girls, make sure that physical activities are minimized during menstruation.

* Home-made sherbet, sali lahya water, lemon water, and coconut water are many times better than carbonated rings.

 We do everything for a bright future for our children, let’s work on all these things for good health.