Child Constipation

Today’s article is just an experience for you.

Child constipation

Ever since I started the practice, a lot of kids come for check-ups every month for the Golden Point Prashan, meanwhile about 50% of parents complain that the kids have constipation.

How can constipation occur at such a young age? And it is not uncommon for constipation to occur at an age when there is a lot of physical activity.

Now, after all, I want to discuss with you something that will never be forgotten.

His parents came to me with a five-year-old boy, with a very large file in their hands.

When I asked him who he wanted to show it to, he handed over the file and said that this child has been suffering from constipation for three years.

I was very annoyed to see the file in which the baby was being given laxatives every day. That is, at such a young age, he had taken a lot of stomach cleansing drugs.

When I read the history, I noticed some important reasons. The baby did not receive breast milk properly and was fed before the teeth came out. As the baby gets a little older, bakery products like biscuits, toast, salt, chocolate, packet foods are included in the daily diet …….
And as a result, the child would sometimes bleed when he sat on the toilet. It was obvious that his stomach was overloaded during his childhood and as a result, his entire digestive system was damaged and now his digestive system was damaged and he developed fissures.

I have already mentioned in a previous article what fishers are.

Little children can’t even tell or speak. When the child went to the toilet, he would cry bitterly, or avoid going there for two or three days because of the trouble, and as a result, his trouble would be doubled later.

Many doctors have advised them to have surgery but unless you and your children change their habits, the medicine or operation will only work as a time binge.

In this case, treatment is not possible unless the doctor explains it to you and you show the courage to understand it.

The baby has been in treatment for about four months now and is fully recovered. Ayurvedic treatment cleanses the stomach without any medication and also helps in weight gain.

What can we learn from this?

Nowadays we see that due to our changed lifestyle, she does not pay as much attention to her children as we should to special food.

There is too much emphasis on biscuits or bakery foods and it impairs the metabolic system of children.

Nowadays, the incidence of Fischer is very high even in young children.

I have also seen parents who eat burger pizza at home as outdoor food i.e. fast food unhealthy. It is important to note that even if the food is freshly prepaid or homemade, it will have a bad effect.

If the children like fast food or bakery products, keep a quantity of it so that the children will not be bothered by it.

The increase in the number of fissures in children of this generation is due to diet alone. It needs to be taken care of in time so that it does not grow.