Name- xxx (female)
Age- 35 yrs
Wt– 56kgs.


Symptoms – Burning and Pain @Anus during motions.
Constipation since 6 months
Hypothyroidism detected – since Ist pregnancy ( 8.5yrs) taking Tab. Thyronorm 50

– Gases+++
– Bitter taste in mouth.
– Pain near Umbilical region.
– could see thin layers on teeth in morning.
– hunger normal.
– BP always low
– Mouth odour++
– H/O Covid before 6 months.
– Oligomenorrhea- less bleeding during menses since Covid

For Ist 3 months – Did pachan treatment according to Ayurveda.
-Constipation 70% relieved.
-Pain of Fissures – 100% relieved. Burning 20% still persists.
– No mouth odour
-No Gases.
– coating on teeth reduced to 60%.

Done Panchakarma Virechan
The patient was fully satisfied still Burning @Anus persisted sometimes and Oligomenorrhea- was persistent.


Continued Tablet treatment for 4 Months with some diet restrictions and after that Rasayan Treatment.