Best Piles/ Bavasir treatment in PCMC

Ayurvedic Piles Treatment in PCMC

What are piles?

Ayurvedic Piles Treatment in PCMC. Piles aka Haemorrhoids are lumps that can appear inside and around your bottom (anus). Cure of Piles in Authentic Way and forget recurrence with Pradnyya Ayurveda. piles in Hindi meaning is Bawaseer or Bavasir. piles meaning in marathi is Mulvyadh. As per studies, in India, there are about 1 million people who suffer from Piles in a year Mostly found in 45 – 65 years old, hence we need take care and should be aware about Piles. If you are looking for the best ayurvedic Piles treatment in PCMC then Pradnyya Ayurveda is the best option for you.

Pradnya Ayurveda Hospital Offers the Best Ayurvedic Pile Treatment in PCMC and their team of Ayurvedic piles doctors in pcmc can treat both types of piles by giving a specialised, proper diet plan and modifying certain lifestyle choices. Book an Appointment Now!



  • Firstly, you may feel Bleeding during the bowel movement.

  • Also, the skin around the anus feels sore or itchy.

  • Feeling of constipation

  • In case of external piles, feeling of discomfort and pain

  • Itching around anus, redness & swelled.

  • Pain during deafecation (process of passing stools).

  • For internal piles, the doctor pay to perform a Per Rectal examination, for that Proctoscope may be used.

  • Proctoscope is a hollow tube like instrument with or without light which allows to examine the anal canal.

  • The doctor may recommend a colonoscopy if needed if the patient has symptoms that suggest another digestive system disease In other words if they are demonstrating any risks factor for colorectal cancer.

  • Hemorrhoids are caused due to increased pressure in the lower rectums.

  • Blood vessels are in the rectum, stretches under pressure and may get swelled or bulged transforming into piles.

  • May be due to –
    • 1. Constipation which is chronic.
    • 2. Chronic diarrhea.
    • 3. Pregnancy.
    • 4. Straining more while passing stools .
    • 5. Heavy weight lifting.
    • 6. Piles are inherited and increases with the age.

  • Excessive bleeding (fresh blood) which may cause anaemia or weakness.

  • Infection in Hemorrhoids.

  • Fecal incontinence (inability to control bowel movements).

  • Strangulated Hemorrhoid.

  • Fistula tract can also be created inside the anus.

  • Grade I – Small pedicles usually inside the anus. Visible only on PR (Per Rectal examination).

  • Grade II – Larger than Grade I, these are also inside the anus. Comes out during passing stools, goes inside by themselves.

  • Grade III – Prolapsed Hemorrhoids outside anus. Individual may feel hanging from rectum but can be inserted manually.

  • Grade IV – Fully prolapsed, are large enough and remain outside the anus and needs surgery.

  • Changes in your lifestyle –
    • 1. If your work is sitting for long hours then it’s a matter to worry. Sometimes this progresses your Hemorrhoids.
    • 2. Standing for long hours.
    • 3. Sitting for long hours on toilet.
    • 4. Interrupting nature’s call.

  • Diet –
    • 1. According to Ayurveda diet depends on one’s prakruti (Body type).
    • 2. Everyone is not suitable for similar kind of diet.
    • 3. It depends on what types of Hemorrhoids are there; cause, daily routine, climate, chronic or acute condition.
    • 4. When you visit Pradnya Ayurveda, your whole history is taken and accordingly dietic changes will be told.
    • 5. Sometimes dietic changes also give you relief in 50% cases.

  • Medications –
    • 1. Pure ayurvedic treatment will be provided in Pradnya Ayurveda in all acute and chronic cases.
    • 2. Patient’s over history is taken and then only treatment is given.
    • 3. In every cases we try to manage on, medications first.
    • 4. According to Ayurveda, Arabo (Hemorrhoids) is caused due to metabolic disturbances, so first we try to fix your metabolic issues.

  • Kshara Chikitsa –
    • If medicinal treatment does not work we opt for kshara application procedure, it is a mini surgical procedure that removes internal hemorrhoids.

  • Agni karma –
    • It’s also a type of mini surgical procedure done for external hemorrhoids.

  • Shastra karma (surgical procedure) –
    • Its the last option of the treatment protocol, ayurvedic surgical removal of hemorrhoids.