Metabolic Disorders

Metabolic Disorders treatment
  • Ayurvedic Parasurgical Procedure.
  • Father Of Surgery – Sushruta.
  • Use of Keshar Sutra therapy for – Fistuls, Piles and other one retail diseases in Shshruta Samlita in detail.
  • Suggested in detail described – classical preperation and use in treating diseases.
  • Being used in successful treatment of disease.
  • The only treatment which does not causes recurrence – kshar sutra treatment- AIIMS Hospital also have acceptable.
  • Many Ayurvedic doctor are successful practicing kshar sutra tratment and have preserve led this case studies too.
  • Procedure in totally —-
  • Surgical liver thread of guage no.30.
  • Sunli latex – 11 coatings.
  • 7 coatings of sunli latex plus turmeric powder.
  • The efficency of kashar sutra highly depends on the layers of latex.