Best treatment for fistula in PCMC

An Overview of Ayurvedic treatment for Fistula

Best treatment for fistula in PCMC

Treatment with fistula is a challenge to modern medical science. Antibiotics & advance surgery can’t ensure fistula track & infection removal. We are proud to say that in our Ayurvedic clinic we cured those patients who were not cured by repeated surgeries in advance. Any drug of any pathology (ayurvedic, homoeopathic or allopathic) may control the infection with the fistula, but it cannot completely cure the fistula. So in the expectation of some miracle, don’t waste your time & money.

Fistula ayurvedic treatment by Kshar sutra

Fistula ayurvedic treatment by Kshar Sutra procedure is a pioneering Ayurvedic procedure without much risk of recurrence to treat fistula. The thread is made with the application of many layers of herbal and alkaline medicines. This thread has wonderful properties for curing the wound from inside because of its alkaline layers. The process starts with a personalized consultation with our best ayurvedic doctor in pune for fistula treatment, Dr. Nyanisha Desai. She is expert in Kshar Sutra treatment and will explain the process and a team of specialists will provide the entire procedure with a personalized level of care.

  • For each type of Fistula ayurvedic treatment, we have established various probing techniques. At Pradnya Ayurveda we seek to find the root cause of the problem before treating any patient.
  • Kshar sutra is correctly inserted into the fistula path using appropriate technique. Fistula ayurvedic treatment performance depends on two things-kshar sutra consistency & its proper insertion into the fistula line. We’re taking care of both.

  • After every 7 days, this herbal thread is changed. This treatment for fistula without surgery lasts 4 to 8 weeks. Treatment duration & cost depend on the length & stage of the fistula.

  • No recurrence, no daily Dressing, no hospitalization is necessary, no rest in your bed, and within hours you can resume your routine work. If fistula is complicated we take the assistance of another surgeon to do the treatment.

  • Fistula recovery varies according to the patient and their treatment stage. If the track gets too much infected it will take time to heal.

Kshar Sutra is one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatment for fistula without surgery. Treatment with Kshar Sutra is a healthy procedure for Anal Fistula, hemorrhoids, and other sinusoidal diseases. A thread which is specially medicated is used in this technique. In India and other parts of the world, this technique is commonly practiced. This condition is cost-effective compared to allopathic. AIIMS also approved khasrsutra for fistula treatment. As this is the permanent treatment for fistula.

In our clinic at Pradnya Ayurveda, we treat fistula in ano only through Kshar Sutra. This procedure is the only possible alternative to modern surgical techniques. Dr. Nyanisha Desai is the best ayurvedic doctor in pune for fistula treatment. Ksharsutra treatment is the permanent treatment for fistula, now replacing all complex surgeries with great success rate for all types of fistula. Many patients come here after an allopathic procedure with 2-3 surgery. Though not completely healed from the fistula.

In fact, all modern procedures for surgery and medicine are just to remove the infection in the fistula. But in Ayurveda, the ksharsutra therapy, permanent treatment for fistula is far more thoughtful. This herbal remedy not only prevents the infection, but also allows the body to naturally produce new healthy tissues. The quality of this tissue is so miraculous it won’t become easily infected. So we are providing the best treatment for fistula without antibiotics in our clinic in Pune.

  • The pus can be removed and drained, unhealthy tissues are healed and fistula can be cured at the same time.

  • It removes the unhealthy tissue because of the caustic action and thus promotes healing

  • Microbicidal action controls infection.

  • Cutting out tissues to open the tract.

At Pradnya Ayurveda, our chief surgeon, Dr. Nyanisha Desai, has treated a greater number of cases of fistula using Ksharsutra which is the best treatment for fistula on par with the lowest recurrence rate.

We are proud to say that at Pradnya Ayurveda, we successfully treated those patients who did not get relief even after multiple surgeries. Any drug of any stream of medicine can control the infection with the fistula but cannot completely treat the fistula. Nowadays, the well-received Ayurvedic technique Ksharasutra treatment-is the best treatment for fistula. After treatment for fistula without surgery at Pradnya Ayurveda, there is minimal or no chance of recurring haemorrhoids or abscesses.