Anal Abscess and Fistula

fistula treatment in pune

Fistula Treatment by Ayurveda In Pune

Pradnyya Ayurveda Pune is the perfect stop if you are looking for Fistula Treatment by Ayurveda. The fistula is an infected tunnel that has an internal opening in the anus and an external opening in the skin near the anus. this abnormality can be formed due to abscess formation ( pus secretion) and this abscess becomes non-healing due to constantly getting filled with fluids from body such as stools , urine and gradually fistula will break out through skin / another body cavity / an organ
Abscess is a cavity which is infected and is filled with pus. this may resemble a boil or projection near anus. this may be confused with Haemorroids / Piles. an Abscess is formed due to entry of some foreign body or some bacteria in the tissue through gland. Infection may cause due to conditions like inflammation of Intestine or ulcerative colitis.
If the Abscess is formed, Pus must get drained out so that tract is formed from the anal gland to the skin outside which eventually takes form of duct like structure which has internal and external opening. sometimes one of the openings are closed we call it as a blind opening. pus drainage if persistant recurrent abscess may develop.
  • Sticky discharge/Pus secretions from the external opening may be bloody/ purulnt.
  • Itching at Anus or around it.
  • Can show other Systematic symptoms,if the abscess becomes infected.for e.g. Fever, weakness, etc.
  • Boil or Pustule near Anus which may be painful.
  • Externally pus discharge may be seen from the boil or by pressing it discharge may ooze out.
  • It may be painful enough.
  • internally examination can be done by per rectal/proctoscopy.
  • While doing per rectal examination the internal opening can be felt as hard stiff boil which is painful and by pressing it discharge comes out from external opening.
  • one tract of fistula can have one or more such complicated fistulas investigations may be advised like fistulography, Endo-anal ultrasound, MRI-fistulogram etc.
  • Conservative
    • 1.Sitz bath with Ayurvedic Kadhas.
    • 2. dietic with changes accordingly as per prakruti of patient.
    • 3. Maintaining hygenic conditions will at least won’t increase the tract infection or from branches.