Ayurvedic Fissure Treatment in PCMC

Fissure Ayurvedic Treatment In PCMC


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What is fissure?

  • A cut or tear caused in the skin lining of anus is called fissure in ano.

  • Very commonly caused in general population and mostly confused with hemorrhoids.

  • Causes acute pain in Anus bleeding and/or itching.

  • Due to hard and dry stools formation with tight anal musculature.

  • Diarrhoea.

  • During child birth.

  • Insertion of foreign body or anal intercourse.

  • Trauma in anal region.

  • STO’s – (Sexually transmitted diseases).

  • Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases.

  • Pain in fissure resembles cutting like pain which gets very severe in some patients and due to this pain they avoid going to toilet which on either side increases their constipation.

  • Bleeding.

  • Itching.

  • Buring sensation which may last for few hours to more after passing the bowel.

  • There are two stages Acute and Chronic.

  • Acute fissures heal in 80% of patients.

  • But if fissure lasts for 6 weeks or more the chances of cure is less than 50%.

  • Doctor would prefer doing PR for rectal examination – cloved finger examination (digital rectal examination) for confirmation.

  • Most of the patients will acute fissure has anal spasm and examination is not possible so some Ayurvedic medicines are given to release the spasm then after few days examination is done.

  • Experienced doctors can diagnose fissures by looking at the anus and listening to the symptoms too when examination is not possible.

  • Oil Therapy (गुद पुरण)
    • 1. Commonly done in acute fissure in Ano.
    • 2. Cathetor (Simple rubber) is used to insert oil in anal region which causes relaxation of Anal muscles and release the spasm and heals the cuts(fissures) too.

  • Application of special medicated creams or jellies.

  • Sit bath with warm water and medications given by doctor.

  • Kshar Sutra.
    • 1. If fissures are very recurrent we have to apply Kshar Sutra at the wound.
    • 2. The Kshar present on the thread works on the wound and reduces the congestion.

Anal Abscess and Fistula


  • Abscess is a cavity which is infected and is filled with Pusand may resemble a boil or projection near Anus.This may be confused with Haemorroids/Piles.

  • An Abscess is formed due to infected gland near/inside the anus.infection may get formed due to entry of some foreign body or some bacteria in the tissue through gland infection may cause due to conditions like inflammatio of Intestine or ulcerative cobites.
  • Fistula is a infected tunnel which has internal opening in anus and
    external opening in the skin near Anus.

  • If the Abscess is formed the pus must get drained out so a tract is formed from the Anal gland to the skin outside which eventually takes form of duct like structure which has internal & external opening.some times one of the openings are closed, we call it as a blind opening.

  • Pus drainage if persistant recurrent abscess may develop.

  • This abnormility can be formed due to abscess formation (pus secretions) and this abscess becomes non healing due to
    constantly it may get filled with fluids from body such as stools,urine and gradually fistula will break out through skin/another boby cavity/an organ.

  • Sticky discharge/Pus secretions from the external opening may be bloody/ purulnt.

  • Itching at Anus or around it.

  • Can show other Systematic symptoms,if the abscess becomes infected.for e.g. Fever, weakness, etc.

  • Boil or Pustule near Anus which may be painful.

  • Externally pus discharge may be seen from the boil or by pressing it discharge may ooze out.

  • It may be painful enough.

  • internally examination can be done by per rectal/proctoscopy.

  • While doing per rectal examination the internal opening can be felt as hard stiff boil which is painful and by pressing it discharge comes out from external opening.

  • one tract of fistula can have one or more branches.in such complicated fistulas investigations may be advised like fistulography, Endo-anal ultrasound, MRI-fistulogram etc.
Fissure treatment

  • Conservative
    • 1.Sitz bath with Ayurvedic Kadhas.
    • 2. dietic with changes accordingly as per prakruti of patient.
    • 3. Maintaining hygenic conditions will at least won’t increase the tract infection or from branches.

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