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  • Fissures home Remedies fissures home remedies I have had many patients come in for surgery for fissures and they wonder if they face recurrence problems even after the operation. One person got tired of the operation three times and finally decided to try Ayurvedic medicines. Fissures problem is that he has trouble clearing his stomach, pains in the […]
  • Six-ways to Keep Your Vagina healthy Six-ways to Keep Your Vagina healthy Everyone knows, Good vaginal health is essential for good sex life and good reproductive health for women. The vagina and the vulva are both different organs. All the structures that are visible from the outside are called Vulva. The part of the vagina that connects the uterus and the […]
  • Let’s Talk about Male Infertility & How it Treated by Ayurveda? Let’s Talk about Male Infertility & How it Treated by Ayurveda? Let’s Talk about Male Infertility & How it Treated by Ayurveda? We always talk about infertility issues in females, very few are speak about infertility issues in males. Why? Is the female structure only responsible for fertility or pregnancy? India becoming one of the  leading and growing countries, still, in some topics, India remains lagging […]
  • covid pandemic As a parent’s Do’s & Dont’s for your Child protecting from a new strain of Covid The Covid and its so called third wave is frightening to all, as the first and second waves of havoc have frightened everyone, but scientists have now determined that the third wave will hit children.
  • Ayurvedic treatment Importance of Ayurveda in COVID – 19 and Pandemic Importance of Ayurveda in COVID – 19 and Pandemic. We all know, where the world is fighting with pandemic, situation is hitting very bad in India and mostly in Maharashtra. The thing is that not to be neglected is Pune city is considered as city of best Ayurveda physicians or hub of Ayurveda. Since last […]
  • pcod treatement How to avoid PCOS or PCOD PCOD is just a lifestyle disease and it is very important to change your diet and habits. The inclusion of exercise in the vihara as well as sun salutation, pranayama is useful.
  • pcod treatement Common symptoms of PCOD or PCOS PCOS is a lifestyle disorder. This involves the formation of small water-filled blisters on a woman’s ovaries, called cysts. It is called Poly as it forms a lot. In the photo below you can see that a pearl-like covering has formed around the ovum It is called Polycystic Ovary …
  • Constipition Constipation Problems in Children How can constipation occur at such a young age? And it is not uncommon for constipation to occur at an age when there is a lot of physical activity. Now, after all, I want to discuss with you something that will never be forgotten.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Rheumatoid Ayurvedic Treatment for Rheumatoid Most of the time, when there is joint pain, many people do not realize that it is a vata defect. A 35-year-old woman was coming to my multispeciality hospital for treatment of her mother’s cystitis. When some questions were asked, it was noticed that the woman also had gout. Her small joints were aching and swollen.
  • hyperacidity-pradnyya Hyperacidity – symptoms, causes, and treatment Get Rid From Hyperacidity https://youtu.be/gLL-qNZRDKE Hyperacidity is not that new to everyone … Feeling of burning in the stomach, sourness in the throat, headache or heaviness, feeling of food in the stomach as well as lying down, feeling of panic – all these symptoms are due to acidity. We all suffer from bile at some […]