As a parent's Do's & Dont's for your Child protecting from a new strain of Covid-19

The Covid and its so-called third wave are frightening to all, as the first and second waves of havoc have frightened everyone, but scientists have now determined that the third wave will hit children.

In the second wave, many young people lost their lives. Overall, it is very important to have strong immunity.

The question of how to build immunity in young children?

If you follow some rules of Ayurveda, it is not so difficult.

Well, prevention is always better than cure.

So, here are the tips, to prevent ourselves from the third wave or the new strain.

What are the changes that should be made in the daily life of young children in general?

Their daily routine should be as follows:

👉 Getting up early in the morning, getting up before seven o’clock
👉Yoga should be done for 15 to 20 minutes shortly after completing the morning activities.
👉 At least three days a week, apply oil to the body before the shower.
👉The meal should be fresh and juicy. It should have a little salad, vegetable chapati, curry sabji, rice, and buttermilk. Two to three types of sauce (Chatanee).
👉Fruits should be eaten according to the season and in addition to this must eat other than mealtime.
👉Dry fruits should be kept at least once a day.
👉Even evening meals should include more sabji and chapatis or Bhakari and rice.
👉If the children are hungry in the middle of the day, they should take homemade poha chiwda murmura chiwda or some other homemade food in small quantities.
👉 When sleeping at night, a cup of milk and ginger, turmeric, and cardamom should be in it.


Mistakes in children’s diet and vihara in daily life that should be avoided –

❎ Currently, education is online so children are constantly at home and hence lack exercise.
❎ Increased screen timing, has increased eye strain.
❎ Being late at night makes it late to sleep at night and late to get up in the morning.
❎Fulfilling every urge to eat and drink at home as the children are not going out anywhere.
❎Eat fermented foods consistently.
❎ Bakery foods are the most common source of flour in the diet.
❎ Constant stay at home does not control appetite and eating a second meal without being Hungry.
❎Excessive consumption of packet foods.
❎ Various flavored powders to consume milk
❎Although junk food is made at home, it is made from refined flour and has a strange effect on the body.

Only when all these things are considered together will the immunity increase. If any of these mistakes happen, your immunity will be hampered and the children will suffer from it. As children’s bodies develop, so do their immune systems. Immunity is going to be strong if we do the same about diet and exercise in a good way. It is not necessary to give any supplement to children.
Adults have completed their growth milestones, so sometimes you need a supplement, not a child.

Take care of the little ones, try to avoid the situation that arose in this wave in the next wave